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It’s no secret, nowadays, that heavy chemical pesticide use can be detrimental to the health of ourselves, our children and our pets.

Nobody wants their home and yard covered with poisons. The truth is, heavy pesticide use is just not necessary in solving most pest problems.

That is why Borer Treatments, specializes in the use of “low-impact” solutions. Usually, there is more than one way to handle a problem, so we give you all the options.

Our organically borer and pest treatments are ideal if you would like to eradicate borer, ants and cockroaches without using any man-made chemicals. We are the only Pest Control company in NZ to use an Organic product to treat borer, cockroaches and ants.

We believe that you don’t have to sacrifice quality for natural. From the beginning, we set out to use products that perform as well as, if not better than, the more traditional synthetic and man-made chemicals.

Please contact us today and ask about our Organic Treatments for your house.

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