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New Zealand's No.1 Borer Treatment Specialist  5/5 Star rated on Google reviews 

Expert Borer Control

Borer Treatments offers pest control services for all three species of borer and other wood boring insects that affect NZ timbers. Larvae of the beetles eat their way through the interior of wood before emerging via flight holes. All untreated timbers can be attacked.  Effective on Ants and Cockroaches as well.

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Borer Treatment Products

Formulated with a concern for the environment, Tim-bor is used for the control of Borer, drywood termites, wood decay fungi all wood boring beetles including common borer & two tooth borer.  Tim-bor diffuses into the wood and acts as a wood insecticide, fungicide and preservative.

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About Us

We are a specialist business only treating borer. A New Zealand owned pest control provider with over 50 years experience, our Registered borer control technicians provide a comprehensive, professional service offering eradication, prevention and monitoring of all timber pests.

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