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Formulated with a concern for the environment, Tim-bor is used for the control of wood boring beetles (common borer, two tooth, magnum borer, powder post and pinhole borers) drywood termites and wood decay fungi. As water soluble borate powder, Tim-bor diffuses into the wood and acts as a wood insecticide, fungicide and preservative. Tim-bor won’t break down over time like most organic compounds, therefore offering longer lasting protection. Best of all, Tim-bor is virtually odorless and has no known resistance.

Timbor is a natural insecticide and fungicide that is widely used as wood preservative and protectant. It is composed of nearly pure sodium borate, a mined crystalline form of boron with comes from the earth itself.

Timbor is imported by us as a water soluble powder in 25kg bags. 1.5kg bag makes 10 litres of working solution (15% solution). Timbor is applied with a commercial pump sprayer, and requires the mix to be reticulated during the application process to keep the boron mixed correctly, see label instructions. The dry powder can also be used to treat wall voids for borer and ants. Like other borate-based wood preservatives, Timbor is generally not available in stores and we are the only borer treatment company in NZ using Tim-bor.

This product is not sold or available in 10kg anymore.

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