Borer Treatments are a specialist business only treating borer throughout New Zealand.  As a 100% New Zealand owned pest control provider, our Registered borer control technicians provide a comprehensive and professional service offering “state of the art” eradication, prevention and monitoring of all timber pests.

Borer Treatments provides timber protection treatments with a guarantee of protection. Surface saturation with Tim-bor® (sodium octoborate) solution is environmentally friendly, odourless and long lasting. Treatment of timbers to remove borer infestation is the same for whichever species is present. Exposed timber can be treated with insecticides that penetrate the wood and will protect it for 10 years or more. Usually the floor timbers are attacked because of the high relative humidity in the sub-floor.

Borer Treatments can treat these exposed timbers to eradicate the borer and protect the timbers. Weatherboard homes in New Zealand are not always pre-treated and are often infested where the softer, non-heartwood timber has been used. Weather boards are more difficult to treat as they are not usually exposed. However, weather boards can be protected by injecting the flight holes made by emerging adults. The penetrating treatment will kill larvae within the boards and prevent adults reinfesting the boards via the exposed wood of the flight holes.